Save the date!

Is the cat a nurse? Is the STD it's referring to that sort of STD? What the...

Still getting used to it

Waiting in the HEB checkout line, I stared at magazines like these lined up above the conveyor belt:

First picture is the cover of OK magazine which shows the Obama family.

Second picture is the cover of US magazine which again shows the Obama family.

Poverty as poetry

On Tuesday, November 18, Slate featured pictures by photographer Jonas Bendiksen in "Today's Pictures."

Announcement: New Section on Viz.

We are happy to announce that Viz. will be adding a new category of content to its permanent content area in the very near future. We will be unveiling an "(re/interview" section in which we will have transcripts of interviews with prominent visual rhetoric/communication scholars, as well of reviews of some of their work. Our kick-off of the section will be an interview with Robert Hariman and John Lucaites, the authors of the book and blog "No Caption Needed." Check back in a week or two for the new section and the re/interview, which we will announce on the blog as well.


Wyndham Lewis - Vorticist

Happy Birthday, Percy Wyndham Lewis (November 18, 1882 - March 7, 1957).

Madam and Eve

Check out Madam and Eve, a great cartoon set in South Africa:

This four panel cartoon depicts South African political activity in the context of Senator Obama's slogan 'yes we can.'

Alcohol ads target Latinos

Bud-lite ad in Spanish

A study recently conducted by researchers at UT-Austin and the University of Florida has shown that alcohol advertising is significantly heavier around schools with Hispanic populations of 20% or more.

Women and politics, then and now

altered nineteenth-century photograph of women outside the White House with Obama signs

Visual rhetoric blog "No Caption Needed" featured this doctored photograph in their "Sight Gag" section a few weeks ago.


flag obscures two women

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