Ethnic Cleansing in Brooklyn

Artist rendering of the Fulton Street Mall in Brooklyn Photo of the Fulton Street Mall in Brooklyn

Jerome Krase at passed along a photo gallery comparing an artist’s rendering of the Fulton Street Mall in Brooklyn versus the mall itself. As Dr. Krase puts it,

A New York Post “Exclusive” article by Rich Calder, ‘Mall Wonder,’ (5/21/07: 19) featured a digital rendering of how the Fulton Street Mall in downtown Brooklyn will look after a $15 Million “facelift.” It looked odd to me, so I took some photos at the Mall the next day. Perhaps they meant “ethnic cleansing,” or what we used to refer to as “Negro Removal” when Urban Renewal was in vogue in the 1960s. FYI: Brooklyn has become a very hot real estate market in recent years and many of the areas which had essentially become part of “Black Brooklyn” from the 1970s onward are now ripe for picking. I walked down the Fulton Mall from beginning to end taking photos and the Person of Color to Person of No-color ratio was the reverse of the artist rendering from the article. One might also consider whether the rendering is advertising as opposed to Neo-Freudian slip.

Here’s a link to the entire gallery at

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