Magazine Covers Ten Years After 9/11

New Yorker Cover

Image Credit: businessinsider.com and The New Yorker

Lacking a television and the will to listen to news reports about the September 11 attacks during the past week, my only information about the 9/11 anniversary came from The Onion's satirical headline "Responsible Cable News Outlets To Devote Sensible Amount Of Airtime To 10th Anniversary Of 9/11." Though I haven't yet turned on a TV to see the media coverage, it seems from my brief perusal of the internet over the weekend that The Onion was, as usual, a little too close to the truth--some news outlets haven't been as sensible as they could have been. Yesterday, businessinsider.com published a series of sixteen magazine covers commemorating 9/11 that demonstrate a variety of media reactions to the 9/11 anniversary. From this classy New Yorker classy cover to pictures of the dead and dying, these images are stunning and range from sensible to alarming. 

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